Safety Measures in Restaurants

We invite you to browse the Restaurant Status page for the latest information on your favourite rotisserie. Book online or by phone prior to your visit.



Reopening Safety Measures

Customers are required to wear a mask inside restaurants to comply with government health guidelines.
If you visit one of our rotisseries, please register your presence on the following web site:

Our restaurants located in orange zones have reopened their dining rooms. Reservations are required for our Traditional rotisseries.
Proof of residence / ID will be required.
Per table: 2 adults + kids / other person that needs assistance.

  • We have made the menu available via QR code and single-use paper.
  • We adhere to the physical distancing guidelines of two metres everywhere in the restaurant.
  • We have boosted all our cleaning and sanitizing measures.
  • We provide our employees with personal protective equipment, such as medical masks, safety glasses or face shield.
  • We have trained all our staff to ensure safe service.

An Enhanced Experience

All measures have been taken to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your time in our restaurants or on our outdoor terraces. Some things may have changed, but your favourites remain the same.

Welcoming you back with open arms… at a two metres distance.