All the answers to your most popular questions concerning the mesures taken by St-Hubert during the COVID-19 pandemic.


No, we are gradually reopening them. Please refer to the Restaurants' Status  section for the reopening date of your favourite St-Hubert dining room. 

No, but we recommend it given the limited number of spaces due to the new physical distancing layout. 

Yes, the terraces of our restaurants where the dining rooms have reopened are ready to welcome you. You don’t have to make a reservation, but it is recommended.

Yes, but seating around the bar is unavailable due to the two-metre distancing requirement.

Our self-serve stations will remain closed for now. Rest assured that the all-you-can-eat component is offered with safety in mind. You will have to go to the counter to access it.

No, not at the moment

• Taking the temperature of our employees when they report to work

• Supplying each of our employees with personal protective equipment (face mask and/or faceshield)

• Placing markers throughout the restaurant, including the kitchen, to ensure physical distancing

• Our cleaning and disinfection measures have increased—a sanitation worker will be responsible for thoroughly cleaning the entire restaurant before, during and after business hours

• Training all our staff on new COVID-19 procedures (frequent hand washing, minimum contact with customers and employees, revised food service)

• Adding hand-sanitizer stations at the entrance and exit of the dining room, by the take-out counter and by the washrooms

• All of our restaurants’ self-serve stations, kids’ playrooms, private lounges and locker rooms are currently off-limits

• We encourage physical distancing through a new layout, reduced seating and glass partitions to separate tables within two metres.   

Yes, all of our seating complies with the two-metre rule.

We invite customers to view our online menu using a QR code. If a customer prefers a paper menu, we give them a paper menu that will be composted or recycled after use.

Tables and chairs are cleaned and sanitized when the restaurant opens each day and again after each customer leaves.

Servers may clear the tables, but we have sanitation workers to help them to ensure they are disinfected throughout the day. They must clean the table with a single-use cloth while wearing protective gloves that will be discarded after use. They are also required to wash their hands after removing the gloves.

No, wearing masks is not mandatory. It is at the client’s discretion.

• A maximum of ten people can sit at the same table and they must be from the same household

• Customers not living at the same address must be seated at least two metres apart

• If the members of a group are from more than one household (maximum three), clear partitions may be installed between them

We prefer Interac or credit card payments. Payment terminals are sanitized after each use.

No. The menu is limited for the time being.

Yes, as of June 16!

Only rotisserie dining rooms in Moncton, Edmundston and Bathurst have reopened. 

No, we’re waiting for the Legault government to give us the green light to reopen our dining rooms. We’re looking forward to it!

We invite customers to view our online menu using a QR code. If customers prefer a paper menu, we will provide one that will be discarded after use.

Yes, all of our seating complies with the two-metre rule.

Some items from our dining room menu will not be available at this time.

Two families per table (the largest table available in Moncton within two metres of the other tables is for 12 people).

Servers can clear tables, but we have kitchen staff to help them. They must use gloves to protect themselves and discard them after use. They are also required to wash their hands after removing the gloves.

We are not accepting any reservations at this time. 

Our self-serve stations will be closed for the moment. Please rest assured that we will offer our self-serve component in a safe manner. You will have to go to the counter to access it.

In New Brunswick, dining room customers are not required to wear a mask. 

We prefer Interac or credit card payments. Payment terminals are sanitized after each use.

Tables and chairs are cleaned and sanitized when the restaurant opens each day and again after each customer leaves.

Yes, the resto-bar section is open, but seating around the bar will not be available. The floor layout was reorganized to ensure there are two metres between each customer.

Our delivery and take-out (drive-thru or take-out counter) services are fully operational.

Following Public Health recommendations, rotisserie dining rooms in green, yellow, and orange zones are opened and waiting to welcome you! Restaurant dining rooms located in red zones are closed. Drive-thru, takeout, and delivery services are up and running at all our rotisseries in any zone. Check out your favourite St-Hubert restaurant’s situation by going to our Restaurant Status page.

In Québec, where available, drive-thru, takeout counters, and curbside pickup services remain operational up to 30 minutes before curfew. Check your curfew time here. Delivery remains available every night, even after curfew. Exceptions may apply. Feel free to check out your favourite St-Hubert restaurant’s business hours: https://www.st-hubert.com/en/restaurants/findarestaurant.html.

The safety of our customers, franchisees, and employees is our top priority. St-Hubert strictly complies with Public Health guidelines for the community’s well-being.

All Québec areas are affected by the new lockdown and curfew measures. 

To avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19 and to comply with government guidelines. St-Hubert is keen on helping to control the spread of the virus. Although highly strict hygiene and health measures were already implemented, we must comply with government and Public Health requests and temporarily close all dining rooms in Ontario and Québec. Takeout and delivery services are still up and running.

The government made this decision, but St-Hubert and our franchisees stand behind Public Health in this matter. In these times of uncertainty and for everyone’s welfare, St-Hubert must embody its role as industry leader and lead by example.

These measures are obviously temporary but will be in effect until the government and Public Health authorize the reopening of dining rooms. We still don’t know how the situation will unfold and we will adjust according to the turn of events. Our teams are closely monitoring the situation.

Delivery: We strongly encourage you to use our delivery service which is up and running for all our rotisseries until at least 9 p.m.! Thanks to our website and mobile app, you can also prepay for your order and enjoy zero-contact delivery.

Drive-Thru and Parking service: Rotisseries with drive-thru and Parking service will keep offering these services up to 30 minutes before their area’s curfew. Check your curfew time here.

Takeout Counter: Placing a takeout order inside the rotisserie is available ONLY at restaurants that do not have drive-thru. This service is operational up to 30 minutes before curfew.

For now, yes.

Private gatherings are prohibited in the red zone, which applies to both restaurant dining rooms and outdoor patios. We recommend that you take your meal to go and enjoy it in the comfort of your home with your immediate family. 

Zero-contact delivery is available to all customers who have ordered and prepaid online.

To learn more about zero-contact delivery, click here

Our drivers wash their hands and disinfect their payment terminal and delivery bag between each delivery. For orders where payment is required at the door, our payment terminals are equipped with a protective cover for easier cleaning and safe transactions. 

What’s more, our delivery staff wears eye protection when carrying out their deliveries and always wash their hands. We are always on the lookout for new measures to ensure the safety of St-Hubert customers and employees. 

All payments are accepted but payment by debit or credit card is preferred to provide zero-contact payment. Feel free to order your meal online or through our mobile app for zero-contact delivery.      

Interac Flash is available at all rotisseries.

Delivery is available for hospitals, CHSLD, or retirement homes when wearing protective equipment (protective eyewear or visor) and a procedural mask. If the building’s reception clerk allows traffic in the building, our delivery staff can deliver orders directly to customers. 

Due to the current situation, some delivery areas have been expanded to serve more customers. These customers are not usually served in these areas. Feel free to call the rotisserie for more information.

Rest assured that we endeavour to bring you your favourite meals, but availability may vary between rotisseries due to the high volume of orders.

For phone orders

Tips can be given to the driver in cash or on the payment terminal when receiving your meal.

For online orders

Tips can be given to the driver when your order is delivered or when paying for your order online.

Due to the safety measures we’ve put in place to keep St-Hubert customers and employees safe, deliveries may take longer than usual. Whenever possible, we suggest ordering for an earlier delivery time (before 4:30 p.m.) or a later delivery time (after 7 p.m.).