Working as a Chef at St-Hubert

Live up to your full potential by working as a Chef at St-Hubert. If you like a challenge, want to work in an energetic environment and want to constantly surpass yourself, then being a Chef is the right thing for you. By choosing to be part of the great St-Hubert family, you come into an innovative company that is rich in history and constantly evolving.  

If you are interested in cooking and dream about creating delicious St-Hubert meals, apply for a job as Chef in one of our many rotisseries in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. 

Chef job at St-Hubert

Working at St-Hubert offers many benefits and exceptional working conditions

We provide our employees with all the tools necessary so they can achieve their full potential. Enjoy flexible hours to suit your needs, a positive working environment, the opportunity to grow within the company and much more. 

Apply as Chef now and be a part of our family. 

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