Are you looking for a reservation at one of our St-Hubert restaurants? It's easy with our online reservation system! Simply select the restaurant of your choice, the date and time of your reservation, and the number of people who will accompany you. You will receive an immediate confirmation of your reservation.

Because our menu is constantly changing, we may use new ingredients that contain allergens. If you have a food allergy, please let our staff know whenever you make an order so they can guide you in your food choices.


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You may also book a table over the phone.

Please note that booking is not necessary at St-Hubert Express locations. What a pleasure to welcome you in our dining rooms! We hope to see you soon!


There are now 126 rotisseries across Quebec, New Brunswick, and Ontario.

Most St-Hubert rotisseries offer Wi-Fi access free of charge. We’re working hard to expand this service. All our rotisseries should offer free Wi-Fi access very soon.

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We have two menus for our two rotisserie concepts: Traditional and Express. The menus in our traditional rotisseries are more detailed and contain more items. The meals are sometimes more elaborate than in our Express rotisseries.