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Get involved

Want to get involved? | St-Hubert Foundation

Get involved

Volunteers make quite a difference in the lives of communities by generously contributing their time, skills and involvement. GIVING ALSO MEANS GETTING INVOLVED!

To complete the volunteer form, click here. You can send it send it to fondationst-hubert@st-hubert.com or by fax to 450 688-3900.

Thank you for your generosity!


You want to organize a fundraising event?

Steps to follow when organizing your fundraising activity:

  1. Set up an organizing committee. Surrounding yourself with enthusiastic people who are available and dynamic is the key to success! Organizing a fundraiser requires time and energy so remember to plan enough volunteers to perform all the tasks related to your activity. 
  2. Set a goal. Set a realistic and easily achievable financial goal.
  3. Choose an appropriate activity. To combine success and pleasure, target a project that suits the members of your committee in terms of availability, talents and each one’s interest. Also make sure to get the approval of the Foundation's team by writing at fondationst-hubert@st-hubert.com.
  4. Who is targeted by your activity; who will be interested; who can participate?
  5. Set an appropriate date. Choose a date that suits both members of your committee and the people you want to take part in your activity.
  6. Plan a budget. The more you will reduce expenses through sponsorships, the more you will generate revenue. We will give you a letter authorizing you to seek sponsorships and/or donations as part of your fundraiser’s organization.
  7. Promote your activity. By giving you the green light to organize and fundraiser, the St-Hubert Foundation allows you to use its name and logo. It is however mandatory to submit your activity’s advertising material for approval before printing or broadcasting it.
  8. Collect funds. The money generated by your activity must be donated to the St-Hubert Foundation within fifteen (15) days following the date on which your activity ended.
  9. Say thank you! Thank all those who contributed to the success of your activity. Remember to inform them of the amounts collected and of your fundraiser’s success.