Fundraising events

Fundraising events | St-Hubert Foundation

Each year, the St-Hubert Foundation creates various fundraising events to raise funds and donate the money to communities and organizations that contribute to the health and well-being of communities, especially families and children. 

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Scratch card campaign - St-Hubert Foundation

Scratch card campaign - June 2017

In exchange for $2, receive a scratch card; you could win a small treat from the St-Hubert menu or a whole year of free St-Hubert meals! Get all the details here.

Get your St-Hubert pocket! - March 2017

We are pleased to partner with the Montreal company Poches & Fils to offer these two St-Hubert iconic pockets. For each garment sold with one of these two pockets, $3 will be directly donated to the St-Hubert Foundation. Get the details here.