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The 60s

Branching Out

By 1965, the Légers' business had expanded to five restaurants in the Montreal area. Two years later, two more establishments were set up on the grounds of Expo 67, where special methods were used to prepare and serve meals quickly. As a result, St-Hubert was the only restaurant on site that did not have interminably long waiting lines. The first St-Hubert franchise opened in the Quebec City area later that same year.

The Secret Is in the Sauce

The unique taste of St-Hubert's BBQ sauce is the result of a carefully crafted blend of quality ingredients and seasonings. The first commercial version was manufactured and introduced into the marketplace in 1965. To this day, the recipe remains a jealously guarded secret...

The Yellow Beetle Fleet

For years, our fleet of yellow love bugs has delivered delicious St-Hubert chicken to households across Montreal at no extra charge.

Putt, putt, putt... St-Hubert BBQ!

Even today, the St-Hubert jingle, which dates back to the 1960s, is immediately recognizable to almost everyone in Quebec. In fact, our delivery staff used to catch customers humming it as they came to the door.