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The 00s

Focus on Healthy Eating

We ask our suppliers to stay on top of the latest advances in nutrition and food preparation so we can continue to offer you the best food options. In the early 2000s, we were one of the first chains to purchase air-chilled chicken.

And since May 2, 2005, we have offered a smoke-free environment in all St-Hubert restaurants in Quebec – a move we initiated a full year before provincial legislation limiting tobacco use in restaurants and bars required us to do so. A number of factors prompted St-Hubert to come to this decision, including the health hazards posed by second-hand smoke and the widespread consensus, in Canada and around the world, about the benefits of smoke-free environments. We feel that completely prohibiting the use of tobacco in our restaurants has been the most efficient and fairest way to protect our employees from second-hand smoke in the workplace and ensure an optimal dining experience for our customers.