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Wine List

Wine List | St-Hubert

A wider and more diverse selection

Our specialists have carefully reviewed our dining room wine list to highlight our favourites and tickle your taste buds.

Cellier Must-Try Selections

Discover your rotisserie team’s favourites. Each rotisserie has its own custom list with wines from the “Cellier Must-Try Selections.” This collection of SAQ wines is regularly updated to offer you the best new products. Keep an eye out for the logo during your next visit to one of our dining rooms.


A helpful guide

The always helpful taste tags are an interesting way to discover new wines. Easily identify the wines you are likely to enjoy most and consult the menu for the pairings suggested by our wine specialists for the perfect complement to your meal.


Taste Tags


Must be of legal drinking age. Please drink in moderation. The selection may vary between rotisseries.