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Local microdistilleries

Local microdistillery products at St-Hubert

The riches of Quebec products allow the conception of refined spirits that are rich in flavour. Discover these spirits by enhancing your selected cocktails*, or enthusiasts can savour their unique taste by enjoying them “on the rocks”.

PUR Vodka

It’s the first ultra premium vodka produced in Quebec. Cool vodka that stands out for its excellent ingredients such as Quebec corn and crystal-clear water from northern Quebec. It is the most awarded Canadian vodka in the world!

PUR Vodka is enjoyed: On ice or replace the alcohol of your classic cocktail with this one.

Learn more about PUR Vodka.

Quartz Vodka

Developed with Eska crystal-clear water from northern Quebec, this vodka is microdistilled 5 times, cryo-processed then micro-filtered with quartz. Its finesse and purity are recognized by the greatest amateurs.

Quartz Vodka is enjoyed: Straight up with no ice or in a delicious Bloody Caesar.

Learn more about Quartz Vodka.

romeo’s gin

This Quebec dry gin reveals fresh and bold flavours such as juniper berries, cucumber, dill, lavendar and lemon. Creative and inspiring, romeo’s gin supports many artists from here and abroad.

romeo’s gin is enjoyed: In a Sapphire Collins or in a classic Martini.

Be inspired by romeo’s gin.

Ungava Gin

Distilled with a unique selection of herbs and 100% natural Quebec native berries, this gin reveals enchanting aromas such as rosehip berry, crowberry and Labrador tea leaves.

Ungava Gin is enjoyed: With carbonated lemon water or in a Martini.

Discover more about Ungava Gin.

Rhum épicé Chic Choc

Composed of rum aged 3 to 5 years and a bouquet of spices from the Shickshock mountains in the Gaspé region, this spiced rum offers notes of orange peel, ginger and boreal spices.

Chic Choc Spiced Rum is enjoyed: On the rocks, with no ice or in a delicious Mojito.

Experience the adventure on the Chic Choc website.

Legal age required. Please drink responsibly. The offer may vary from one rotisserie to another. *Replace the original alcohol of a Classic Cocktail with a local premium alcohol for only $1 more. Possible replacement in most Classic Cocktails on our menu.