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Discover our new products!

You like trying new dishes, be it appetizers to share or just for the pleasure of enjoying a healthier meal? Our new dishes just might please you!

Bon appétit and enjoy tasty discoveries!

Most delicious appetizers without meat!

Hummus & Co. | St-HubertHummus and Co.

Enjoy smooth chickpea purée topped with roasted red peppers and sprinkled with smoked seasoning. This appetizer is served with sea salt pita chips and grilled flatbread.


Grilled cheese brochetteGrilled Cheese Brochette

Halloumi cheese and red pepper brochette cooked on the grill? Absolutely! A Mediterranean delight served on a bed of spinach and bruschetta, to be enjoyed with hummus and flatbread.


St-Hubert chicken rollA chicken roll? Oh yes!

St-Hubert Chicken Roll

Change it up with a sandwich filled with a creamy mix of chicken salad and our famous coleslaw, with cubed tomatoes and BBQ seasoning. Order online


Something new in the Smart Choice Menu

Freshness Wrap

With summer temperatures, what better than a fresh wrap made with a tortilla generously garnished with roasted chicken, curly lettuce, mandarins, grated carrot, dried cranberries, julienne beets and Greek yogurt and herb dressing? This cold wrap is best enjoyed with your hands! Order online

Roasted Chicken Breast, Vegetables and Quinoa

Want a more sensible side dish with your roasted chicken breast? Enjoy our tasty roasted chicken with vegetable julienne, quinoa, spinach and bruschetta. All topped with our Greek yogurt and herb sauce.

Top: Romaine lettuce heart, grilled chicken breast and Greek yogurt dressing - Roasted chicken breast, vegetables and quinoa
Bottom: Freshness wrap - Baby spinach, quinoa and grilled chicken breast salad

Because we love salads!

The Country Salad is back!

In moderate or regular serving, our Country Salad is made with romaine lettuce topped with a delicious mix of chicken salad, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, red peppers, grated carrot, kernel corn and crispy onion flakes, all drizzled with a creamy Greek yogurt and herb dressing! Order online



Suggested serving. Product availability may vary from establishment.