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New Menu | St-Hubert

Discover our new products!

Be prepared to discover our new generous appetizers to share during hockey nights at the St-Hub resto-bar or try our new dishes; Sriracha chicken or Grilled chicken breast with apples and Oka cheese gratin.

Bon appétit and enjoy tasty discoveries!

Generous appetizers to share for your 4 to 7 evenings!

Chicken WingsAiles de poulet sriracha

The famous St-Hubert chicken wings are now available in 4 flavours: Original, Sriracha, Intense Teriyaki or Smoked BBQ. Want to try more than one? No worries, just treat yourself to the Chicken Wing Trio!



Stuffed Potato Skins

You simply cannot miss our delicious potato skins. Stuffed with grated Monterey Jack and cheddar, bacon bits, onion flakes, minced green onion, seasoned with Montreal steak spice and topped with sauce, served with tasty onion rings! Pretty hard to resist…


Crispy Ribs

Cut, tender and juicy ribs on the inside, crispy on the outside by their Montreal steak spice rub. An appetizer to be enjoyed with your fingers!


Take this opportunity to try these new items in a discovery platter!


Our must-have soups to warm up

French Onion Soup

Welcomed for its comfort after a day outdoors or simply to please your taste buds, the French Onion Soup with 5-cheese gratin is back on our fall/winter menu.

Hearty Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Delicious vegetables simmered in our tasty St-Hubert chicken broth, with fresh spinach, corn and tender grilled chicken breast. Ideal for cold days. It is available à la carte and on the Lunch & Go menu.



Two new chicken dishes to discover!

Sriracha Quarter Chicken

You like spicy food? Select our slow-roasted spit quarter chicken leg or breast brushed with hot Sriracha sauce, then caramelized on the grill. A pure delight!


Grilled Chicken Breast with Apples and Oka Cheese Gratin

This new dish is perfectly flavoured and served with caramelized Fuji apple wedges and bacon, browned with Oka cheese. It is served on a bed or rice pilaf and sweet potato fries. It just might become your favourite.



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