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New St-Hubert Menu

New Menu | St-Hubert

New items on the menu at St-Hubert

Discover our latest rotisserie items, including appetizers to share and salads that are equally good for a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner with friends or family.

Scrumptious new appetizers to share

Tickle your taste buds with our group-friendly appetizers. After all, sharing makes everything taste better!

Chicken nachos | St-hubert new menuCheesy nachos

A colourful mix of corn chips, roasted black beans and corn, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, accompanied by guacamole and cumin sour cream. Served with salsa.

Comes in regular or large portions and can be enjoyed meatless or with grilled chicken or pulled pork.

Cold meat platter | St-Hubert new menuCold meat platter

An assortment of fine Quebec cold meats, including country-style pâté, Bayonne ham, Alicante cured sausage, chorizo, green olives, whole-grain mustard and grilled flat bread.


Tasty new dishes for curious eaters!

We’ve added a fresh new salad that’s perfect for hot summer days, as well as perfectly seasoned piri-piri chicken for when you crave classic Portuguese flavours.

Pita chips and crunchy vegetable salad | St-Hubert new menuPita chip and crunchy vegetable salad

This Middle Eastern-inspired salad is made of romaine lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, fresh mint, shallots, roasted pumpkin seeds and pita chips. The mix is topped with tahini sauce and served with lemon-sumac dressing. Enjoy it with or without a grilled chicken breast.

Piri-piri rotisserie chicken | St-hubert new menuPiri-piri rotisserie chicken

Roasted chicken enhanced with fiery Portuguese piri-piri sauce. The authentic recipe combines chilies, paprika, beer and lemon. Comes with a side dish of your choice.

Available as a leg quarter or breast.


Daily specials on the blackboard

Did you know that some of our rotisseries have special menu additions posted on their blackboard? Try the chef’s latest creation or exclusive dish of the day. For more information on daily special on the , enquire at your local St-Hubert.

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