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St-Hubert Classics at $10

St-Hubert Classics at $10 | St-Hubert

St-Hubert Classics at $10

Until February 26th, rediscover 5 St-Hubert classic meals for $10* each in restaurants of at delivery. Enjoy a comforting hot chicken (white meat), a 3 crispy chicken fillet meal, a St-Hubert poutine, a truly classic club sandwich (dark meat) or a timeless vol-au-vent.**

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Suggested servings. *Taxes extra. Available until February 26, 2018 at take-out, drive-thru and delivery services of St-Hubert & St-Hubert Express participating rotisseries. ® Registered trademark of St-Hubert L.P., used under license.© All rights reserved.