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Lunch&Go| St-Hubert

Discover our lunch menu for a quick and affordable meal

Start your meal with one of our delicious and comforting soups.
Select your main dish. There’s something for everyone. St-Hubert offers you a great variety of dishes for your Lunch&Go meal.

Authentic BBQ chicken

  • Roasted chicken leg
  • Roasted chicken breast
  • Roasted piri-piri chicken leg
  • Roasted piri-piri chicken breast

Opt for our simple and delicious sandwich

  • St-Hubert wrap (grilled chicken breast or crispy fillets)
  • The St-Burger (original or piri-piri)
  • Club burger (grilled or crispy chicken breast)

Choose freshness

  • Bangkok meal salad with crispy fillets
  • Gourmet spinach and goat cheese meal salad with grilled chicken breast

Treat yourself

  • A half-rack of ribs with your choice of classic sauce or Whisky BBQ sauce

The irreplaceable classics

  • Hot chicken (dark meat)
  • Three crispy chicken breast fillets
  • St-Hubert poutine
  • Chicken pie


Rapide et abordable


The St-Hubert Lunch&Go menu offers you a modestly portioned dessert to end your meal on a sweet note.

Remember that you can always take a moment to unwind and add a draft beer or a glass of wine to your meal, at a reduced price for the occasion.


Find a rotisserie


Serving suggestion. The Lunch&Go combos are available exclusively in dining rooms of participating St-Hubert rotisseries. The selection may vary between rotisseries. Every meal is served with coleslaw, a bun, and BBQ sauce. Your choice of soup OR dessert. Fountain soft drink, coffee, tea, or herbal tea. $1.50 extra for white meat. Registered trademark of St-Hubert L.P., used under licence. © All rights reserved