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Lunch&Go Combos

Lunch&Go | St-Hubert

Lunch&GO® combos

Discover our quick and affordable lunch menu with a selection of delicious dishes. Your Lunch&GO meal includes a main course, choice of soup or dessert* and a beverage**. Coleslaw, bun, BBQ sauce and beverage** are unlimited with most dishes.


Cream of chicken, chicken noodles, chicken and rice1 or vegetable1

Main courses

  • Quarter chicken leg1
  • Quarter chicken breast1
  • St-Hubert chicken roll
  • Hot chicken (dark meat)***
  • Chicken and bruschetta salad (moderate)
  • Crispy chicken breast fillets
  • Chicken vol-au-vent à la jardinière
  • St-Hubert poutine
  • St-Hubert wrap (grilled chicken breast or crispy fillets)
  • Club burger (grilled or crispy chicken breast)
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Garden salad1 (large salad)
  • Ribs (11 oz. regular serving)


Lunch&GO moderate servings: Brownie, chômeur pudding, ice cream, vanilla cake with sugar cream sauce or strawberry coulis, vanilla yogurt (0% m.f.) with berries and granola


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Suggested servings.  Available in the dining room at participating St-Hubert rotisseries. Product availability may vary. *Choice of soup OR dessert. **Fountain soft drink, coffee, tea or herbal tea. ***Extra $1.50 for white meat. 1 These dishes are also available gluten-free. Registered trademark of St-Hubert L.P., used under license. © All rights reserved.