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New and even more enticing!

Your summer classics

Perfect for picnics, lunches with friends, or simply satisfying a craving, our St-Hubert roll looks as delicious as it tastes. The perfect blend of chicken salad and toasted bread.

Back by popular demand for the summer:
The summer strawberry and roasted chicken salad. A blend of fresh ingredients such as strawberries, sliced beets, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, raspberry dressing, and of course, delicious roasted chicken.

Fans of goat cheese will love our gourmet spinach and goat cheese salad. A blend of shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, croutons, onion flakes, and house dressing.


Salades St-Hubert


Our authentic piri-piri sauce has won you over

More and more of you are discovering our authentic piri-piri sauce, homemade by a local family business, so we’ve added it to some of our recipes! You’ll find it in our spicy St-Burger with piri-piri sauce and our piri-piri chicken wings.