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We're all about beef

We're all about beef | St-Hubert

Savour beef in all its forms !

At St-Hubert, discover a range of mouthwatering dishes that feature tender, succulent beef, including our famous beef rib with Joe Beef sauce and our irresistible New York cut Angus steak.

In the dining rooms of our traditional rotisseries, from April 9th to May 6th or while supplies last, give in to temptation and come enjoy:

  • The Angus Steak: Sirloin steak, New York cut, aged 30 days and served with a pepper-brandy sauce.
  • The Beef Rib: Slow-cooked, then slathered in Joe Beef sauce, renowned for its smoky, lightly sweet taste.
  • Pulled beef poutine with Joe Beef sauce (also offered with sweet potato fries).
  • Pulled beef pie with vegetables, cheese curds and pepper gravy.
  • Beef roll served with a ramekin of French onion soup.

You’ll never see beef the same way again!


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