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Health, Quality and Nutrition

At St-Hubert, we serve only air-chilled chicken.

The quality of the chicken at St-Hubert is superior to that of our competitors. For almost 15 years now, St-Hubert has served only air-chilled (rather than water-chilled) chicken, which enables us to offer you plumper, juicier, tastier poultry. It's a choice that makes our master roasters proud and our customers very happy!

St-Hubert offers one of the widest selections of side dishes available at a family restaurant chain.

While St-Hubert's customers love our crispy fries cooked in 100% vegetable (canola) oil, they can also choose from a diverse range of other side dishes: Caesar salad, garden salad, rice pilaf, vegetables, mashed potatoes or baked potato.

Eating well, the St-Hubert way

At St-Hubert, we offer a range of tasty dishes and meals suited to the needs of people who're watching their waistline, including side orders of vegetables, skinless roasted chicken and grilled chicken breast without gravy or sauce.

Meanwhile, for those who simply have a smaller appetite, some of our dishes are also available in moderate-sized portions.

A kids' menu that even parents like!

Since we're concerned about providing children with the best food possible, we've updated our kids' menu and introduced a new approach to side dishes. Kids can choose among the following options: rice, vegetable julienne, mashed potatoes, baked potato, fries, garden salad or St-Hubert Caesar salad.

In addition to removing chicken wings and poutine from our kids' menu, we have reduced the sodium content in our most popular option, "The Zoo" animal-shaped chicken croquettes, by 40%.

Unsweetened fruit compote is also available as a dessert option for kids.

St-Hubert offers nutritional information

Because St-Hubert is always mindful to improve the service quality for its customers, it shows the nutritional values and list of ingredients of each item on its menu. This information can be found on its Website and helps customers make informed choices.

Since 2004, we, at St-Hubert, do not use nuts or peanuts in our dishes.

Animal Welfare

Our Commitment

Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert, a Cara company, is committed to the humane treatment of animals, and to working with Canadian farmers to achieve this goal. We are proud of our partners, who maintain strict animal welfare standards that meet and exceed industry guidelines. We are also committed to continuous improvement and annually reviewing our expectations from our supply chain.

Cage Free Eggs

A number of Cara’s brands have committed to using only 100 percent cage-free eggs in 2016, with all Cara brands transitioning to 100 percent cage-free eggs by 2020.

Broiler Chicken Welfare

Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert, a Cara company, is committed to promoting the humane raising and harvesting of broiler chickens. We are proud of our standards. For more information, click here.