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About St-Hubert in grocery stores

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About St-Hubert Grocery Products

St-Hubert Group offers a wide range of products that will please the entire family. Our offer has significantly expanded since our famous St-Hubert BBQ sauce made its entrance in grocery stores in 1965. From marinades to pot pies, seasonings to salads and desserts, products from St-Hubert Group offer quick and easy solutions for your meals.

Did you know?

In addition to St-Hubert products, St-Hubert Group produces and distributes several of your favourite brands in grocery stores.

Our brands

Meilleures Marques Ltd - Distribution Center
1755 Lionel-Bertrand Blvd
Boisbriand, Qc
J7H 1N8

Tel : 450 435-0674 ou 800 361-7614
Fax : 450 435-0363
Customer Service : 855 271-1551

Meilleures Marques Ltd – Blainville Plant
860 Michèle-Bohec Blvd
Blainville, Qc
J7C 5E2

Tel. : 450 979-3377
Fax : 450 979-3379

Maître Saladier & Meilleures Marques
1755 Lionel-Bertrand Blvd
Boisbriand, QC
J7H 1N8

Tel. : 450 435-0674
Fax : 450 435-0363


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