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St-Hubert Express

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Between classes and work, the St-Hubert Express is the ideal solution for busy people like me. And the quality is always right on target! 
Marie-Claude, 21
  • I’m always on the run so St-Hubert Express is perfect! It’s so quick that I even have time to enjoy dessert after my meal. At St-Hubert Express, you order, you pay directly at the counter and you are served in no time! It’s great for people in a hurry! In the dining room, you even have access to a self-serve station with unlimited soft drinks, coffee and the must-have St-Hubert BBQ sauce.

  • I also like to encourage a local business with green values. Did you know that St-Hubert Express uses washable, reusable or biodegradable dishes? Some St-Hubert restaurants even compost. For me, these are winning values!

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