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Nutrition Facts and Allergens

The nutritional information for your favourite St-Hubert products is listed here. Simply download our Nutrition Facts and Allergens leaflets to get the nutrition facts, allergens and calories contained in products available in St-Hubert restaurants or at delivery. 

Please note that the allergens of the Caesar dressing have changed. The dressing contains the following allergens: milk, egg, fish, soy, wheat and mustard.

Understanding the table for nutritional values and allergens

The nutritional value and allergens of a dish are provided for each component independently. For example, the nutritional value and allergens for the Quarter chicken breast only include the quarter chicken. The side dish, barbecue sauce, bun and coleslaw are not included in the nutritional value and allergen information for the Quarter chicken breast.

If an asterisk appears next to the name of the dish, it means you must refer to the “Side Dish” and “Condiment, Sauces and Dressings” section to get the nutritional value and allergen information.

If there is no asterisk next the name of the dish, then all the food composing the dish is included in the nutritional information, like salads for example.

Nutrition Facts

Get the nutrition facts and the number of calories for each of our products.



Get the list of allergens for each of our products.


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