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Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers

Note that the $5, $10 or $20 paper gift cards remain valid.

How much can I put on a gift card? 
You can add an amount between $10 and $250 on a gift card. There is no limit to how many gift cards you can buy. Note that the card is not rechargeable. 

Where can I purchase a gift card? 
For $250 or less in gift cards, you can buy them in any rotisserie. For a restaurant near you, click here. To purchase more than $250 in gift cards, you can go online or call 450 688-6500, extension 2213.

Do I have to use my gift card in one transaction only? 
No. You can use the partial or total amount available on your card. The remaining balance will be retained for a future purchase.

How long is the gift card valid for?
The St-Hubert gift card is valid as long as there is an available amount on your card. Note that promotional gift cards (yellow cards) remain valid 6 months after the activation date. 

How can I check the balance on my gift card?
You can check  your gift card balance by visiting any St-Hubert rotisserie or simply by going online here. Note that is it not possible to check the balance for old paper gift cards online.

In what areas is my gift card valid? 
You can use your gift card in the dining room, take‑out and drive-thru of any St-Hubert restaurant, St-Hubert Express and the St-Hub resto-bar. The St-Hubert gift card is now also valid at delivery. Note that for technical reasons, the St-Hubert gift card is not accepted at the St-Hubert Express in Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau airport.

Can I use my gift card on delivery? 

Yes. St-Hubert gift cards are now accepted as payment at delivery. Simply give it to the driver when he arrives.

Can I use my gift card on st-hubert.com?

With our new mobile payment terminals, you can now pay by gift card, credit or debit card or cash directly at your door. So you don’t have to enter payment information when placing an order on st-hubert.com.

What happens if I lose my gift card?

You have to treasure your gift card because it is neither refundable nor exchangeable if lost, stolen or damaged. 

How do I order a large number of gift cards? 
To order a large number of gift cards, go online or call 450 688-6500, extension 2213.

I have a promotional gift card (yellow card). How does it differ from the white gift card?

The promotional gift card (yellow card) is different from a regular gift card. The promotional gift card is given by the rotisseries at sponsorships, tournaments, prizes, etc. The balance of the promotional card is not refundable and the card is valid 6 months after the activation date. You can use it as a regular gift card.

Can I still use my paper gift cards? 
The $5, $10 or $20 paper gift cards remain valid. Note that the old paper gift cards are no longer available on delivery. 


Any other questions?
Send us your question by email at cartes-cadeaux@st-hubert.com