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St-Hubert ordering app

Online ordering mobile app

St-Hubert online ordering app

St-Hubert mobile app

Ordering on the go: fast, easy and fun!

With the St-Hubert mobile site and app for iPhone you can order your favourite meal directly from your phone. Enjoy a varied menu, with something for every taste and appetite – featuring St-Hubert’s famous BBQ chicken that is a source of pride for our master roasters and a source of deliciousness for our customers!


Or use mobile site (compatible with all mobile devices)

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  • Place an order in advance, indicating the exact time and location of your delivery or pick-up.
  • Pay your meal at the door by debit or credi card, cash or St-Hubert gift card.
  • Synch your mobile account and your st-hubert.com profile.
  • Find the closest St-Hubert restaurant to your location.


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