Marc Badère

Supervisor, Operations, Customer Service Centre

When you join a new company, you sometimes wonder if you will grow in the company. At St-Hubert, there are several great development stories, sometimes linear and logical, other times more surprising, such as Marc’s story. Indeed, he took his first steps at St-Hubert as manager of the Cadillac rotisserie in Montreal before becoming supervisor at the Customer Service Centre. Surprising but exciting development.

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Satisfaction Mission

Through his experiences, Marc has shown us one thing: he loves for St-Hubert customers to be satisfied before, during, and after their visit. What motivates him with his team is creating an environment that unites people and leaves room for developing new ideas and processes. Everyone shares their comments, with the same goal of exceeding customer expectations.

Leg or Breast?


Although he dreams of one day having his own chickens and waking up to a rooster crow, Marc hasn’t always been a poultry connoisseur. Indeed, on his first training day at St-Hubert as manager, confident that he was in his element, was asked by a server for a quarter leg. The catch? He couldn’t tell the difference between a leg and a breast. A funny anecdote which, as you can imagine, rotisserie employees still remember to this day!

Don’t Overlook the St-Hubert Steak

After this anecdote, we made sure that Marc knew the difference between a chicken leg and a breast. And though he prefers the leg, soaked in the incomparable St-Hubert BBQ sauce, his favourite dish on the menu is the steak. You might not think of it right away, but our rotisseries do indeed offer delicious and juicy Angus beef certified New York sirloin steaks. It might also be a good option for you if you’re hesitating between a leg or a breast.