Intolerances and Food Allergies

We have our customers’ well-being at heart. This is why we strive to meet the requests and needs of those who have food intolerances and allergies. See Nutritional Guide.


Gluten-free recipes

Since May 2017, all our rotisseries offer gluten-free menu options, which are prepared according to strict control measures and procedures.


Nutritional information

We have prepared a nutritional information guide detailing the nutrient values (calories, protein, sodium, fibre, trans-fat, etc.) of each item on our menu to help you make informed choices.

In case of severe allergies, check allergens and contact customer service for additional information at 514-385-3916 (toll-free at 1-844-343-0333). 



EpiPen Auto-Injectors

Our rotisseries are equipped with EpiPen Auto-Injectors in case of serious allergic reactions.