Intolerances and Food Allergies

We have our customers’ well-being at heart. This is why we strive to meet the requests and needs of those who have food intolerances and allergies. See Nutritional Guide.


EpiPen Auto-Injectors

Our rotisseries are equipped with EpiPen Auto-Injectors in case of serious allergic reactions.

Fish Fish and Seafood Allergies

Since December 2020, the Fish & Chips was added to our menu. We also added seafood (crustaceans and molluscs) on the menu since May 2023. Although great precautions are taken for risk management in the kitchen, some potential for cross contamination of fish with other dishes still exists during preparation. Please ask us when placing your order.

Gluten-free recipes

Since May 2017, all our rotisseries offer gluten-free menu options, which are prepared according to strict control measures and procedures.

Nutritional information

We have prepared a nutritional information guide detailing the nutrient values (calories, protein, sodium, fibre, trans-fat, etc.) of each item on our menu to help you make informed choices.

In case of severe allergies, check allergens and contact customer service for additional information at 514-385-3916 (toll-free at 1-844-343-0333). 

Nutritional information is provided according to designated ingredients and standardized recipes. Differences may occur due to variations in ingredients, preparation, or custom requests.

Although precautions are taken to manage the risk of allergen cross-contamination in our kitchen, please note that the risk of cross-contamination does exist during preparation. We therefore cannot guarantee that a menu item is free of peanuts, nuts and/or other allergens. Also, despite the absence of nuts and peanuts in our products, traces may still be present due to contamination at the supplier.

Our kitchen operations are such that certain foods may share cooking or preparation surfaces. Equipment (fryers, grill, etc.) and utensils may also be shared when being used.