Franchisinig Opportunities

Franchising Opportunities

A few St-Hubert franchise locations are currently available. The St-Hubert and St-Hubert Express rotisseries are solid businesses that allow our franchisees to reach their short- and long-term business goals.

Join an authentic Canadian rotisserie chain and share your passion with our customers.



Selection Process

When a potential site is determined, we perform a pre-selection among all applications received. Selected applicants will then receive the complete franchise application form which they will have to complete and return.

Selected candidates will then be summoned for an interview with the Operations team in order to determine the interest for the potential site and review the required qualifications.

Selected candidates have two observation days in rotisseries to become familiar with the St-Hubert model.

The selected candidate(s) will then have to complete a full financial analysis and submit a viable business plan.    

The selected candidate will meet with the qualification committee who will then submit its final decision after all the previous steps.

After being selected, the candidate will have to take part in a two-week intensive training program leading to final approval as a future St-Hubert franchisee.