St-Hubert Foundation

St-Hubert Foundation

With the help of the St-Hubert network, the St-Hubert Foundation supports organizations that promote the wellbeing of families with respect for differences, sharing, and inclusion. Thanks to our franchisees, employees from both divisions, customers, and partners, we are joining forces to help communities and foster everyone’s development. Since 2012, the St-Hubert Foundation makes families smile again!


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7 million dollars have been given back to the community.

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More than 450 organizations across Quebec, Ontario, and New-Brunswick have received financial support from the St-Hubert Foundation since 2012.




Scratch Card Campaign

Thanks to all the generous customers who bought scratch cards at St-Hubert rotisseries over the summer of 2022! More than $252,000 was raised for the St-Hubert Foundation through your support. We also want to thank all the partners who gave away more than 46,000 instant prizes! Stay tuned for the 2023 scratch card campaign!


Our Current National Commitments


Mobile Collection Service

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make a wish

With our partner Children's Wish Foundation, each kid that receive a "wish" will get to invite their whole family for a big meal at St-Hubert's.

Food Banks of Quebec

The St-Hubert Foundation has donated more than $40,000 annually to Food Banks of Quebec since 2018. To date, more than $340,000 were donated to the organization to meet food assistance needs in Quebec.


Recent Donation

Over the past years, the St-Hubert Foundation has donated $130,890 to Opération Enfant Soleil to help with the development of high-quality pediatrics, as well as projects for all children in Quebec.

St-Hubert Franchisee Donations

In May 2022, the St-Hubert Foundation’s 10th anniversary Let’s Give Back Campaign made it possible for 80 rotisseries to donate a total of $372,490 to various local causes. Despite the campaign ending, the community’s well-being will remain at the core of our rotisseries’ actions throughout the year.

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Your donation makes all the difference

Each donation we receive is valuable and makes a difference for the causes and organizations we support. Donating to the St-Hubert Foundation means directly contributing to the well-being of families in your community.

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Grant Requests

We support organizations that meet all criteria. See the list of criteria. You can apply for a grant online or by mail:
St-Hubert Foundation
2500 Daniel-Johnson Blvd. Suite 700
Laval, Quebec H7T 2P6

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