Green Approach

With its progressive eco-friendly initiatives, St-Hubert does everything it can to protect the planet.

After all, we only have one!

Finalist – Corporate Citizen 2014, “Residual Material” Prize, Novae
Finalist – “Sustainable Development” 2014, Mercuriades
Winner – “Environmental Achievement” 2014, Phénix de l’environnement    


North America’s First Ever Carbon Neutral Vodka

Born from a wish to create a circular economy product, the Comont Distillery is launching the new Zero Carbon Vodka, made from recycled leftover pie dough from the St‑Hubert Group, among other things. This carbon neutrality goal is to successfully offset each greenhouse gas emission through an eco-responsible approach. In total, Comont brings new life to more than 4 tons of raw material for each vodka batch produced. Comont’s Zero Carbon Vodka can be found at Comont Distillery in Bedford and soon at SAQ stores.

An eco-friendly delivery service

The company’s carbon neutral delivery service is part of a comprehensive sustainable development plan. From 2023 to 2026, St-Hubert will invest more than $200,000 to purchase carbon credits and make its delivery service carbon neutral. Aside from that investment, St-Hubert and its franchisees keep increasing the number of electric and hybrid vehicles. To date, more than 20% of St-Hubert’s 400 delivery cars are either electric or hybrid. 

The Electric Circuit and Our Charging Stations

Since June 2011, Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert has been a founding partner of Hydro-Québec’s Electric Circuit, a revolutionary project designed to reduce automotive CO2 emissions by introducing public charging stations for electric vehicles. We are very proud that all of our rotisseries capable of offering an electric charging station have been equipped with one, and to date, 15 of them feature a fast charging station. Providing charging infrastructure for Quebec’s electric vehicle motorists is an opportunity that harmonizes perfectly with our company’s culture! What’s more, many of our delivery cars are hybrid or electric.

St-Huvert – Our Green Approach Program

In 2013, St-Hubert took the lead and became the first restaurant chain in Quebec to implement compostable material collection at all its establishments. These rotisseries, which represent almost 90% of our network, have all achieved the highest performance level of the “ICI on recycle +" program. Did you know that 98% of the waste from our rotisseries is compostable or recyclable? With St-Huvert – Our Green Approach and other initiatives, approximately 42 tons of our establishments’ compostable material are diverted from landfills every year.

Our Packaging

As part of our comprehensive green initiative, St-Hubert launched a new line of recyclable packaging in 2009. By completely discontinuing the use of Styrofoam, significantly reducing the use of polystyrene, and instead using recyclable or compostable materials, we save the equivalent of 250 loaded garbage trucks! Our packaging can be sent for selective collection after a simple rinsing, and overpacking has been prohibited, of course. At St-Hubert Retail, we have significantly reduced unnecessary packaging, and all the cardboard from our various suppliers’ products is recycled.

Discontinuation of Plastic Straws

In August 2018, to continue our efforts to improve sustainability and reduce waste in all of our rotisseries, Les Rôtisseries St Hubert discontinued the use of plastic straws across its network. Now, all our rotisseries across Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick offer biodegradable straws upon request.

Mobile Collection Service

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