Sponsorships and Partnerships

St-Hubert is delighted to support several different initiatives that convey the same values as its organization! We want to encourage activities and events that can showcase our brand and make a positive difference throughout communities.           

Before submitting an official request, please make sure that your sponsorship or partnership request meets the following criteria.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • The sponsorship provides the iconic St-Hubert brand with increased visibility and national reach.    
    Over 90% of our restaurants are owned and operated by franchisees across Québec, Ontario and New Brunswick. If this is about regional visibility with a more local reach, please contact the St-Hubert rotisserie in your area directly. 
  • St-Hubert must be informed of the visibility elements (advertising or other) and must be able to assess the impact before accepting any request.      
  • The sponsorship allows St-Hubert to convey a positive and coherent message to an audience it seeks to address.
  • The project or event supported by this sponsorship meets St-Hubert values (passion for customers, creativity, innovation, quality, rigour, teamwork, fun) and does not represent anything offensive, disturbing, discriminatory, or polarizing.   

Excluded are:

  • Requests from local activities – contact your local St-Hubert rotisserie directly
  • Requests made by individuals and for personal projects 
  • Trips, school projects, graduation books
  • Political organizations or interest groups that promote a political ideology
  • Religious organizations or interest groups that promote a religious ideology

Sponsorship and Partnership Selection Policy: 

Requests eligible for sponsorship will be rigorously reviewed three (3) times a year by the Sponsorship Committee, then a selection will be made.

If your request meets our guidelines and exclusions, you will receive a reply within four (4) months of your request.

Commitments can be made over several years to develop good relationships with certain organizations.

We are well aware of the many needs to be met and want to favourably respond to as many requests as possible.

Due to budgetary considerations however, difficult choices must be made. St-Hubert will not make any comments following an unfavourable decision so as to avoid any interpretation of subjectivity. We thank you for your understanding and wish you much success.