Grocery Division

Grocery Division

Products in Grocery Stores

For more than 50 years, Groupe St-Hubert has been offering a wide range of products in grocery stores. We also distribute several other food products from well-known brands. Our Grocery division’s distribution network is present across Canada. Known for its efficiency and enthusiasm, our passionate sales team has demonstrated its ability to seize opportunities. Today, we are proud to be among the key players in the Canadian agri-food retail industry.

1965: the first product to be commercialized was the famous St-Hubert BBQ sauce.

There is over 300 products that St-Hubert commercializes under different brands.

14 brands are in Grocery Stores.

All Our Brands

In addition to St-Hubert products, St-Hubert Group commercializes several of your favourite brands in grocery stores.

Our addresses

Maître Saladier & Meilleures Marques 
1755 Lionel-Bertrand Blvd
Boisbriand, QC
J7H 1N8

Meilleures Marques Ltd
9050 Impasse de l’Invention
Anjou, QC
H1J 3A7

Meilleures Marques Ltd
860 Michèle-Bohec Blvd
Blainville, QC
J7C 5E2