Our Inclusion Projects

Our inclusion projects

St-Hubert Group, together with Fondation Autiste & majeur and the St-Hubert Foundation, officially launched its inclusion projects in April 2023. Several St-Hubert rotisseries now offer an enhanced dining room experience for autistic people and their families. St-Hubert is also developing hiring, training, and awareness strategies to easily welcome autistic individuals throughout the company. Specific projects are underway at restaurants and the Boisbriand food manufacturing plant.

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A word from the president

“At St-Hubert, inclusion, respect for differences and a focus on family have been at the heart of all our decisions for 70 years now,” said Richard Scofield, president of St-Hubert Group and chair of the St-Hubert Foundation’s board of directors. “Not just on paper, but throughout our operations. Over the years, we’ve had the chance to diversify our activities and find new ways to bring joy and happiness to people. Our plants and restaurants are open to everyone, and we do our best to make sure that all our employees find THEIR place. That means taking into account their personal traits, their passions and sometimes their unconventional learning styles. These differences are assets, and we want to show that everyone can find fulfillment and contribute to society.”

A word from Sophie Prégent and Charles Lafortune

“Our partnership with the St-Hubert Foundation allows us to play a strategic role in bringing together nonprofit organizations and the business community to develop initiatives aimed at the inclusion and professional integration of autistic adults,” said Charles Lafortune. “And with St-Hubert, we can push the envelope,” added Sophie Prégent. “They’re piloting a project aimed at giving people with autism the opportunity to go to a restaurant and enjoy a meal in a comfortable environment. Innovation is in their DNA!”

Inclusive initiatives in three parts