Welcome to St-Hubert

Welcome to

Rotisserie Masters, flavour experts.

We have reopened most of our restaurants’ dining rooms.

We’re ready to greet you with open arms, from two metres away.

For your safety and ours, we have implemented special measures for the reopening

Our delivery service and takeout counter are fully operational.

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Famous for its spit-roasted chicken and legendary BBQ sauce, the new St-Hubert offers a unique experience with its Ardoise menu, microbrews, appetizers to share, brunch dishes, and more.
Grocery Products
Enjoyed for over 50 years, St-Hubert’s supermarket products are recognized for their quality and authenticity. With our chicken wings, ribs, quiches, chicken pot pies, BBQ sauce, and coleslaw, you can recreate the unbeatable flavours of your local rotisserie at home.
Social Commitment
St-Hubert is proud to promote its values and demonstrate its commitment to the community through the St-Hubert Foundation.