The nutritional information for your favourite St-Hubert products is listed below. 

For more information about Nutrition Facts and Allergens, you may also contact our Customer Service Centre at 514‑385‑3916 (toll free: 1‑844‑343‑0333).


Nutritional information is provided according to designated ingredients and standardized recipes. Differences may occur due to variations in ingredients, preparation, or custom requests.

Beware of food allergies – our customers’ safety and satisfaction are our top priority. Although precautions are taken to manage the risk of allergen cross-contamination in our kitchen, please note that the risk of cross-contamination does exist during preparation. We therefore cannot guarantee that a menu item is free of peanuts, nuts and/or other allergens. Also, despite the absence of nuts and peanuts in our products, traces may still be present due to contamination at the supplier.

Our kitchen operations are such that certain foods may share cooking or preparation surfaces. Equipment (fryers, grill, etc.) and utensils may also be shared when being used.

Fish and Seafood (crustaceans and molluscs) Allergies
Since December 2020, a fish dish was added to our menu and since May 2023, we added a seafood meal to our menu. If you are allergic, please notify us when placing your order. If you are allergic to fish, please notify us when placing your order.