Sophie Dulude

Director, Quality and Operational Excellence at St‑Hubert

Sophie was looking for a job during her studies and like most people her age, she talked about it with her friends. As luck would have it, one of them worked at St-Hubert and she told her that they were looking for a hostess. What an awesome opportunity to work with her best friend! That’s how Sophie got her first job and thirty years later, she’s still part of the St-Hubert family, ensuring the quality of our products.

A New World

As she started, Sophie quickly understood the magnitude of what St-Hubert represents, its reputation, influence, and high standards. She also understood that, even though the red crest can be seen everywhere, St-Hubert is above all a family affair with employees. So, she worked there during her studies. She then obtained her degree in Marketing in 1993 and started a new job in that area. Had we lost Sophie? Not at all, because even with a new job, she kept working at St-Hubert as a server on weekends.

From Reception to the Plate

Given the quality of her work, St-Hubert had to do something to keep this remarkable employee since she clearly showed her attachment to the company. They offered her the team leader position and she happily accepted. And that’s when she had her “aha” moment, her big revelation of wanting to go even further in the restaurant industry. She was quickly promoted to other management positions and left the rotisseries to work at the Head Office as Quality Control Inspector. One thing led to another, and our receptionist became our new Director of Quality and Operational Excellence, meaning that she makes sure everything on your plate is of top quality!

A Lifetime Dish

Her answer to “What St-Hubert meal would best describe you?” is the following: I have managed to keep my reassuring and comforting personality over my thirty-year career, just like our coleslaw. But let’s be very clear: the coleslaw has been around for much longer!