Donation Criterias

Who can receive a donation from the St-Hubert Foundation?

Organizations that meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Organizations that provide health and well-being services
  • Charitable (non-profit) organizations recognized on a federal level by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Charitable organizations that ensure direct services to the community
  • Organizations that provide services provincially

Please be advised that we will redistribute all the money raised for the St-Hubert Foundation as per this distribution: 40% for local donations and 60% for national donations.


What is the difference between a local and a national charitable organization?

A regional or local organization provides services to one or few regions where St-Hubert restaurants are located. Granted donations are usually between $500 and $5000.

A national organization provides services across province or in most regions where St-Hubert restaurants are located.


Your request must include:

  • The registration number of the non-profit organization
  • A brief description of the organization’s mission and objectives
  • The requested donation amount
  • Contact information for the person we will need to contact



  • Political or religious organizations
  • Cultural organizations (art, literature, etc.)
  • Sports organizations
  • Individual or teams fundraising campaigns, are not eligible of the St-Hubert Foundation; whether to support a cause at sporting events, to finance refresher courses or other projects or personal issues.


If your application is accepted, we will make sure that you are contacted within two months for local charities and within four months for national ones.