Eat at St-Hubert

When you’re looking for a good time and delicious dishes prepared with fresh and local ingredients, you go to St-Hubert. Whether you’re enjoying our ribs sourced exclusively from local farms or our top-quality chicken roasted slowly on the spit, or discovering our new dishes on the Ardoise, our impeccable and attentive service will never disappoint.


Traditional Restaurants

dining room

Dining room   

The dining room offers a warm atmosphere with modern decor where you can share a meal in great company. Whether you’re watching the hockey game with friends or celebrating a birthday with family, everyone gathers at St-Hubert for small and big celebrations.

st-hub pub

St-Hub Pub  

With its lounge music, muted lighting, and refined decor, the St-Hub Resto-Bar is an ideal location for happy-hour drinks. Come have a drink, enjoy a chat, and spend some time without the kids (for customers aged 18 and over). St-Hubert’s full menu will help you keep the evening going.




Are you looking for fast service without compromising on quality? St-Hubert Express is ideal for time-pressed people looking for a good meal. You’ll enjoy both the delicious taste of our classic dishes and the efficient service at the takeout counter. Take advantage of our great deals and prices, as well as our self-serve station for unlimited beverages and St-Hubert BBQ sauce.

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St-Hubert + Harvey’s  

Several St-Hubert Express restaurants are now paired with Harvey’s under one roof.