The coleslaw index

Get the full scoop on the Leger study.

Creamy or traditional?

The Coleslaw Index is one of our most in-depth studies ever.

With help from Leger, we surveyed people across the province and scooped up loads of detailed—and delicious—info on creamy versus traditional coleslaw fans. Now we know which coleslaw is your favourite.

The numbers don’t lie. Creamy is officially Quebec’s favourite coleslaw.

Quebecers are a very loyal bunch: most (77%) never switch up their coleslaw.

Close to 8 in 10 people see coleslaw as a staple of St-Hubert meals.

Everything you need to know and more

White or brown bread?

57% of creamy fans are more likely to go for white bread while traditional coleslaw buffs tend to choose brown.

Parking traditions

64% of creamy fans park their cars headfirst, while traditionalists are more likely to back in.

Good to the last drop 🎵

Traditional coleslaw lovers are 40% more likely to drink their BBQ sauce. Nothing wrong with that!

Your typical creamy fan:

69% of people age 18 to 34 prefer creamy.

78% of Mauricie residents and 76% of Townshippers are creamy fans.

73% prefer booth seating over chairs.

Most creamy fans have a sweet tooth, and 53% pick dessert over appetizers.

33% decorate more for Halloween.

55% would rather see the Nordiques return than the Expos.

Love and coleslaw

Creamy fans are more likely to be in a relationship, while traditionalists are more likely to fly solo.

Céline or Garou

68% of traditionalists take Céline over Garou any day. So next time your friend belts out All by myself at karaoke, you’ll know which side they’re on. 🤭🎤🥗

Traditionalists aren’t as loyal

82% of creamy fans would never switch sides against 67% for the traditionalists.

Hey, traditionalists, tell us about yourselves

36% of people age 55 and up prefer traditional.

Montrealers are bigger traditional fans than people in other regions.

34% of traditionalists choose chairs over booths.

Are more salty than sweet, with 53% picking a starter over dessert.

54% prefer real Christmas trees.

Are more into drama series and movies.

To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we decided to get to the bottom of a question that’s been on everyone’s lips for many years. In Quebec, are we more pro-creamy or pro-traditional? 🤔🥗 Leger stepped in to find out and came back with some answers that really made us smile. 😁

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