A Word from the President

Celebrating the opening of our newest restaurant, the St-Donat St-Hubert Rotisserie.


Dearest Clients,

We are thrilled to be delivering happiness to your home or at one of our 126 restaurants!

St-Hubert has been treating your taste buds to our signature flavours for generations. Our restaurants owe their success to the dedicated employees from all regions, whose hard work and bold ideas have consistently raised the bar and made us a local family institution since 1951. When you combine our chef’s talent with the right ingredients and our wonderful customers, magic simply happens.

We take pride both in introducing new dishes and in comforting you with our classics, such as our unrivalled spit-roasted chicken or our tender and meaty ribs. Tradition or innovation? Traditional or creamy? Regardless of the answer, it is delicious.

Thank you for enjoying a meal with your loved ones in a St-Hubert rotisserie or at home, and thank you for supporting local restaurants.


Richard Scofield
President, St-Hubert Group
January 18, 2023