A Word from the President

Dear Guests,

For everyone’s wellfare, we must comply with Public Health guidelines and suspend our dining room operations for restaurants in the red zone until October 28, 2020. Please be assured that our Zero-contact delivery service and any other strict sanitation procedures that were implemented during the first wave of the crisis are being rigorously enforced. We are pleased to keep providing you with comfort through our drive-thru, take-out and delivery across our network. We were there at the beginning of this crisis and we will keep being there for you!

Be safe and we'll see you soon!

Richard Scofield - President,
Groupe St-Hubert


A welcome video of St-Hubert’s President, Richard Scofield.



Dearest Clients,

This year, we look forward to finally being able to get together, hug our loved ones, feast, enjoy and celebrate a more comforting holiday season than in previous years. Aside from wishing you joyful and memorable gatherings, I would like to thank you for your loyalty to the great St Hubert family. Our restaurateur-franchisees and employees brought some Christmas magic to our classic Holiday card. Together with Opération Père Noël, our mascot Hubert, St-Hubert elves, and Santa Claus (the real one!), donated time and gifts to children in need.

On behalf of our entire network and myself, Happy Holidays!


Richard Scofield
President, St-Hubert Group
December 7, 2022