Alexandre Vandal

General Manager of the Sainte-Marie de Beauce rotisserie

Spending a lifetime at St-Hubert is possible! Just ask Alexandre Vandal who has been a part of the family for over fifteen years. His very first interview was for a cook position at St-Hubert. When? On August 26, 2006, a date he will always remember. The meeting took place at 10 a.m. and as his potential was recognized, he began his first shift that same day at 4 p.m. But as it happens, his first shift would become his entire career, going from cook to general manager. 

The energetic and determined young man started his first job at the Drummondville St-Hubert restaurant where the new employee quickly showed high motivation in learning all the rotisserie trades. He started as dishwasher, then became rotisserie cook, grill cook, and became manager in less than six years with all his acquired knowledge. Noteworthy progress! He left Drummondville in 2012 for Sainte-Marie de Beauce where he was appointed General Manager shortly after his arrival.

A Humble Family

We often say that St-Hubert is a great, big family, and we often praise the closeness of its employees with management. This is an aspect that has always appealed to Alexandre, who remembers how disarmingly humble and accessible Mr. Jean-Pierre Léger was, the founders’ son and then President of St-Hubert Group. Mr. Léger had decided to eat at the rotisserie one weeknight and Alex was very nervous, but everything had gone smoothly, without any pressure. It confirmed that Alex was in the right place, in a company filled with colleagues and teammates.

Chicken and Dedication

Dreaming of one day owning his own St-Hubert franchise and being involved in the community, Alex is a big fan of St-Hubert’s famous chicken spit-roasted for three hours, and could constantly eat the chicken breast, a timeless classic! He also happens to love the bun dipped in BBQ sauce and the sweet comfort of the St-Hubert cheesecake for the perfect meal.