Edilberto Parada Viscarra

Supervisor – Boisbriand Plant

Edilberto serves as a model for perseverance. Fresh off the plane from Bolivia and not yet fluent in French, he had to find work to care for his family. Determined, he joined our Retail division at the Boisbriand plant and worked several hours a week, including weekends and holidays. Why you ask? Because he wanted to learn! So, he went from department to department and became an expert in several types of production at our plant.

Creating Opportunities

His supervisor noticed him because of his involvement and motivation. His expertise continued to grow, and he took over for his manager from time to time. He learned a lot from his stints into supervising and was able to build his own management style. Life is full of twists and turns and impromptu meetings. Although somewhat sad about leaving St-Hubert, Edilberto accepted a supervising opportunity at another company in 2017. But the story doesn’t end there. After being away for two years and acquiring supervising experience, a production supervisor position became available at St-Hubert, and Edilberto came back!

The concern for the employees’ well-being and the quality of life were at the top of the list of reasons why Edilberto wanted to come back. He is happy to now be the supervisor who welcomes and develops new employees who, just like him, come from different backgrounds and want to succeed. After all, he is proof that being successful is possible with a little perseverance, ambition, and dedication.

Spicy Time with the Family

When he’s not at work, Edilberto spends time with his wife and four children. For him, the important thing is to help them find the right path and support them in their career and life choices. When at St-Hubert, chicken is a staple for this family, along with a lot of Piri-Piri sauce! Sides of sweet potatoes and creamy coleslaw offset the spiciness of the main dish. A delightful blend of spicy, creamy, warm, and comforting.