Geneviève Pesant

Head Designer, Real Estate Development, Construction and Design

It is often said that beauty within comes first, but for Geneviève, who designs our rotisseries’ concepts, everything must be perfect, both inside AND out! Her first meeting with St-Hubert took place in 2003 as she was working for a design firm. We’ll let you take a guess on who became her favourite client over the years! One day in March 2016, her employer unfortunately had to close its doors, but on the same day, she and her team received an unlikely offer: to join St-Hubert’s real estate development, construction, and design department!

Designing Dreams

While overseeing her team of architectural technicians and designers, our Head Designer likes to take part in every aspect of a construction or renovation project. After collecting the franchisees’ ideas and needs, she plans the new layout, looks for the best materials and lighting, sets up the project concept and then assists the contractor in building the site. Why do all this you ask? To achieve our franchisees’ dreams and ambitions! Seeing her plans take shape and feeling her clients’ emotions when they see her work is her greatest pride and a sweet reward for her efforts.


A Close-Knit Family for 70 Years

For Geneviève, St-Hubert is a large family. And this is how she describes her work team. That family-like, human side of St-Hubert is what always appealed to her, from her first interactions with the company. The feeling of closeness that exists between colleagues, with suppliers and customers, is – in her opinion – a golden legacy of the pioneers who founded St-Hubert 70 years ago: the Léger family.

The Funniest Dessert

She discovered the popular rotisseries as a child with her family, and was introduced to its chicken dishes of course, but mostly, its desserts. This woman with a sweet tooth won’t hesitate to tell you that she loves the St-Hubert brownie, a chocolate cake covered with warm and comforting chocolate sauce! If you ever serve her one, take advantage of her culinary weakness and ask her what her favourite dessert as a child was. She will probably tell you about family outings that ended with the St-Hubert Clown, a friendly inverted ice cream cone sprinkled with colourful Smarties! A dessert that still brings a smile to both children and adults.