Guito Clervil

International Recruiting and Diversity Specialist

In 2019, Guito came to the St-Hubert head office for the first time and was taken aback by how genuinely jovial and warm his hiring interview was. This usually stressful experience quickly turned into a pleasant encounter. St-Hubert is a place where stress doesn’t come easy, he thought. After all, they do deliver comfort, so why not do so from the get-go!

This open-minded individual, working for diversity, was then looking for a challenge to test his skills and NPO experience. A challenge he wanted to take on in a well-established company with the influence to bring about a real change. A company with a growth potential that is far-sighted, and that uses winning and innovative business strategies – this is what motivated his choice. So, Guito went on to start his position as International Recruiting Specialist, a title to which Diversity was quickly added.

An International and diversified market for St-Hubert

For Guito, St-Hubert’s greatest pride is its loyal and passionate employees, and he hopes that one day the company will conquer the international market! In his opinion, St-Hubert is here to stay the course and as the company celebrates its 70th anniversary, he ensures that it will be there for the next 70 years to delivery happiness and comfort.

Guito’s Perfect Order

This creamy coleslaw aficionado believes that the best part of chicken is the thigh, which he deliciously enjoys with the St-Hubert BBQ sauce. Although not a fan of the bun, he does have a great fondness for the St-Burger, preferably with Piri-Piri sauce! Add some traditional fries, a millefeuille for dessert and you’ve just created his perfect order.