Isabelle Lauzon

Local Marketing Advisor

St-Hubert and Isabelle go way back! She celebrated all her childhood birthdays at the St-Hubert in St-Hubert. This is how her interest grew for Quebec‑owned businesses. Her university studies completed, Isabelle drew up a list of the companies she wanted to work for. What was her conditions?

She was looking for Quebec flagships with head offices in Quebec that made our great province shine. After working for Transcontinental and Métro, she joined St-Hubert in 2018 as a local marketing advisor. Her role is to showcase the group’s franchisees within their community and market.

The long route of the St-Hubert yellow cardboard car

Isabelle is a diligent employee, and her greatest pride is the franchisees’ success in all regions, a success she has a hand in given her efficiency, listening skills, speed, and creativity. In addition to showcasing our rotisserie experts, this advisor is motivated by professional interactions with other employees, clients, and suppliers which help her improve and learn.

Her wish for St-Hubert’s 70th anniversary: continuity. And above all, that the legendary yellow cardboard car from her childhood zoo meal may keep cheering up families!

Isabelle and the St-Hubert Poutine

This is Isabelle’s answer to “If you were a St-Hubert dish, which one would you be?”:

“St-Hubert poutine! Some people say that I am loyal, generous, and creative. Our poutine has been loyally present for several years, has a generous serving, and its special sauce cannot be found on any other poutine in Quebec.”

Nothing more to add!