Isabelle Roberge

Corporate Controller

From when she was a little girl eagerly awaiting the dessert platter that was brought at the end of a St-Hubert meal, to a Corporate Controller role, Isabelle followed her accounting passion and found a new one for the restaurant industry.

Driven by the task diversity and reputation of this Quebec company, Isabelle joined St-Hubert on July 4, 2011, as assistant controller. Having previously worked in areas such as transportation and the public sector, Isabelle polished a new passion for the restaurant industry. Combined with her passion for accounting, she worked hard as an assistant, earning a position as corporate controller a few years later. Isabelle found challenges and new responsibilities motivating, which pushed her to increasing her professional knowledge.

Major Task Ahead

When St-Hubert joined the Recipe Group in 2016, a great deal of work needed to be done. And in accounting, that meant much work was needed for everything to be organized and in order. Isabelle actively participated in implementing requirements for the new parent company and achieved a feat by impeccably meeting deadlines, one of the most important elements when communicating data reports for company operations, also called “reporting.”

What about eating between reports?

Only the classics. Isabelle is a traditional at heart, and the slow-cooked quarter chicken leg is just right. Add fries, creamy coleslaw, don’t forget the bun, and most of all, end the meal with the white cake classic with hot cream fudge sauce for the perfect comforting, final touch.