Johanne Nadon

Payroll Specialist, Retired in 2021

From typewriter, tape calculator, duplicating invoices on stencil, to computers and teleworking, Johanne has seen many work methods go by in her 44 years at St-Hubert! Her story began in 1977 at age 18, as she saw a job ad in the newspaper. St-Hubert was then looking for someone in accounting. A few days later, Johanne started her very first job and stayed true to her initial employer for the next 4 decades!

Lunch is on us!

Back then, the company’s head office was located above the Pont-Viau St-Hubert rotisserie in Laval. One of the perks at the time, which was Johanne’s favourite, was that you didn’t need to bring lunch! Indeed, employees could enjoy rotisserie meals at a low price and try the new products before anyone else. A dream for this St-Hubert menu fan. More than the comforting food, the warm, family-like welcome she received confirmed that her decision to join this company was the right one and that she would stay for a long time… a very long time.


From the typewriter to the internet

In her long St-Hubert career, Johanne’s greatest pride was her participation in the development of a computer system for the company. Remember the beginning of this story, with typewriters and other artifacts? Imagine implementing a “modern” billing system, without any benchmarks. A true challenge that required long work hours and which was successful, much to her great delight.

A touch of sweetness for the celebration

One could imagine that the end of this modern computer system project was celebrated with one of our signature desserts! At the time, the decadent sugar pie or original millefeuille were all the rage, but a few years later, the vanilla cake covered with cream fudge became Johanne’s favourite. A simple, sweet, and comforting dessert that warms your heart, just like Johanne’s contribution to St-Hubert.