Kelly Thériault

Supervisor, Operations, Customer Service Centre

St-Hubert has marked local families for 70 years. Just ask Kelly, whose family has been part of the company’s history for nearly five decades! Indeed, her grandmother began the tradition in the call centre in 1976, her mother then joined in 1994, and Kelly joined as a customer service agent in 2016. Proof that love of St‑Hubert is hereditary!

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Developing Potential One Step at a Time

At age 16, like many other young adults, Kelly landed her very first job at St-Hubert’s call centre and took orders for customers hungry for comfort. A task for which she is still passionate about! This creamy coleslaw aficionado honed her skills in no time. Indeed, in 2019, the order expert became training agent, then received training as team leader and on customer experience. But she wasn’t quite done yet, as St-Hubert offers various in-house training courses intended to acquire new skills, she continued to learn and develop her potential.


Family-Focused for 70 Years

Kelly is proud to bring some good cheer into people’s lives because, beyond the daily tasks is the appreciation she receives from customers. Each good comment is her first reward. And there are plenty of good comments! Another aspect of St-Hubert that affects and encourages her is the company’s human values and the attention it gives employees, both externally and internally. After all, happiness can also be delivered to the office!

After Effort Comes Comfort!

In her spare time, this outdoor enthusiast likes to hike and explore Quebec’s national parks. And after a day spent exploring, she finds the nearest St-Hubert restaurant to end the day on a merry note. With our 125 rotisseries, she can find her happiness wherever she is! No need to bring her the menu she already knows by heart, she’ll just have the crispy chicken wrap… with fruity sauce on the side please. This tender, juicy chicken with flaky, slightly sweet breadcrumb coating offers a surprising blend of flavours. She finishes her meal with chocolate mousse cake, as decadent as it is light on the palate, so she can quickly get back to hiking!