Louise Dufort

Accounting Clerk

Elvis Presley died tragically on August 16, 1977. At the same time in Montreal-Nord, St-Hubert welcomed a new employee to its finance department. This employee was Louise Dufort, a 19-year-old woman eager to work in finance. 45 years later, still in finance and still with us, we can say that she has succeeded!

Computer programs, smart phones, advanced calculation software simply did not exist in the 1970s and everything had to be done manually. That’s how our accounting clerk started her career at St-Hubert. In doing so, she had a front-row seat to this industry progress and new technologies gradually making their appearance to make her life easier. Fascinating! Whether in order taking, accounts payable, or cost analysis, Louise has always proven her excellence.

Family Pride

Her greatest pride is to have held down the fort all these years and trained the new generations who joined St-Hubert. For Louise, St-Hubert also means good times with the team thanks to its family atmosphere, and it reminds her of Sunday family dinners made up of St-Hubert meals her father had delivered.

Traveling, Books, and Mixed Coleslaw!

Thinking about retirement is quite normal after 45 years of service and Louise is preparing for it. She wants to spend time with her family, travel, and even write a book! Her retirement will no doubt include a few Hubert-flavoured treats such as the light and refreshing strawberry shortcake available in the summer! However, two things are sure, Louise will keep a very special place in her heart for St-Hubert and will certainly keep mixing creamy and traditional coleslaw for that sweet-vinegar flavour. To try it is to love it!