Luc Pilote

Director, design

After working at his design firm for 30 years and assisting St-Hubert in several development project such as creating the St-Hub Bar space, Luc was ready for a new challenge but wanted to stay close to his favourite client. What could he do? Why not join them! So, in 2015, Luc became Director of Construction and Design at St-Hubert, a decision he still considers to be the best of his professional life.

St-Hubert is chic!

Luc grew up in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie district, near the first St-Hubert rotisserie. Born into a working-class family, he remembers that as a young boy, St-Hubert was the beloved luxury restaurant where he eagerly wanted to go! When his parents had golden chicken delivered to their home, it was quite a celebration for the entire family. Proof that we’ve been delivering comfort and happiness for 70 years! From Christmas dinners served with BBQ sauce to weddings in St-Hubert reception rooms, the rotisserie chain truly marked Luc’s career.


Chicken that will never end up on the menu

Luc has many passions, likes to dream big, and is a family guy. In fact, he would like to build a country home that would be a gathering place for his entire family and friends. There would be a garden, his dog Lilo, and chickens… not to be roasted! He is also a frequent traveler who would love to travel the roads of Western Canada and visit the great American parks in a Westfalia camper with his wife. Lilo the dog would most probably follow them on their adventure, but would the chickens also come along? We still don’t know…

A gardener at heart

When asked “Which St-Hubert dish represents you the best?” Luc answers: “The Garden salad with chicken. It reminds me of my aunt Louisette’s large vegetable garden and chickens in St-Irénée. It also reminds me of Grandpa Arthur in Charlevoix. It’s a healthy, balanced, and tasty dish with a nice presentation and diversity, just like me.” Bon appétit!