Lyne Laramée

Sales Representative

Lyne has received numerous and prestigious sales award, and has seen the market grow and change significantly in her 25 years on the road. She started at AGP in 1999, a company specialized in 25, and when St-Hubert acquired the company in 2001, she simply got on board and joined us.

The St-Hubert Retail division not only lets you find great products in grocery stores, it also manufactures and distributes St-Hubert products. But you probably already knew that. What you may not know, is that St-Hubert also distributes a dozen other brands such as Bonne Maman. A loyal team of representatives, including our energetic Lyne, promotes the reputation of all those products. Lyne is like a breath of fresh air. Both creative and innovative, she likes to push boundaries to promote the products she represents. She even went so far as to build an oversize cruise ship INSIDE a supermarket and filled with Bonne Maman jams. Creative enough for you? We think so!

Above and Beyond

This star representative can also adapt easily, which has allowed her to keep up with – and contribute to – company changes with a smile on her face. She is very open and takes every opportunity to improve and challenge herself, especially when she meets colleagues at quarterly meetings, which are moments she cherishes.

Lyne Comes and Goes

She never leaves her car in the driveway for long. Lyne likes to explore, visit family and friends, travel, and sometimes allow herself a little R&R at the cabin during the weekend to charge her batteries. She lives every moment to the fullest and that’s what keeps her motivated!

Favourite Menu

Want to invite her to dinner? St-Hubert’s succulent golden-brown chicken brochettes with a side of traditional coleslaw will do the trick, along with some seasoning or Piri Piri sauce for a little kick! End the meal with decadent chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis for guaranteed success.