Mélanie Charbonneau

Analyst, Demand Management

After moving to Blainville in 2007, Melanie drove by the St-Hubert plant, and as she looked out the window, she started thinking that it would be nice to work for this well-known company which is part of her childhood memories. And four years later, she became Demand Management Analyst. Proof that sometimes, fate is literally right around the corner.

St-Hubert in the rain

Melanie and her family spent a lot of time at their cottage in Lanaudière during her childhood. A great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time as a family. Even if weekends at the cottage were always great to enjoy the fresh air and play outside, plans sometimes needed to be changed due to rainy days. And in such cases, the family climbed into the car and drove to Joliette for some shopping, which always ended with a stop at St-Hubert. Did Melanie liked it so much that she wished for rainy days? That remains a secret…

Artistic Analyst

Melanie’s work consists of handling demand and flow forecasts for grocery store products. She then analyzes results to adjust orders and create work tools. Come to think of it, all her projects and achievements make her proud. Her diligent and professional work is also acknowledged by her peers, with whom she’s also the go-to person for anything related to Excel. Imagine having access to her knowledge when you are trying to create a data analysis pivot table. Sweet! The analyst is also very artistic and loves crafts and scrapbooking, which comes through her colourful demand management reports. Clearly, data analysis can also be quite charming.

What’s for dinner?

For Melanie, the perfect St-Hubert menu features crispy, juicy, and comforting chicken fillets, BBQ sauce, fries, and a simple, decadent white cake with its cream fudge coulis. Bon appétit!