Mélissa Anne Grenier

Advisor, St-Hubert Foundation

Sometimes, saying what you want out loud brings about lovely surprises. Just ask Mélissa Anne who, in 2019, put it out there that she wanted a job she would be passionate about, within a socially responsible company which offered easy work-family balance. A few months later, one of Mélissa’s professional acquaintances who was then working for a partner of the St-Hubert Foundation, let her know that the Foundation was looking for an advisor. 

Fashionably Local

Although she worked primarily in fashion and marketing, she had also dabbled in philanthropy. Her superiors even joked that she should make it a career given her devotion. She had established strong partnerships with charities and had organized fundraisers. Being skilled at these two important tasks is paramount when working for a Foundation that makes families smile again! Mélissa is humbled and motivated by the difference her involvement makes with organizations, but mostly with the people who benefit from the Foundation. Despite her rather discreet personality, her passion and drive come through when taking part in fundraising activities. She coordinated and participated in the “Let’s Get Moving for the Foundation” in 2021 for which she rode 70 km on her bike to raise funds! So, hats off (or helmets off) to her!


All About the Combo

When asked “Which St-Hubert meal represents you the most,” she answers with a grin “the Combo Platter, a dish made up of St-Hubert favourites, sometimes spicy, sometimes mild, but always comforting.”

Why is that? “Because I like being part of a team and I think I’m versatile. The Combo Platter offers everything from sweet potato fries to spicy chicken wings. I am rather discreet and calm in general but can be jovial and adventurous at any given time. I am open-minded, I enjoy new experiences and meeting new people, and I easily adapt to various personalities and situations.”