Mihai Muntean

Directeur, strategic supply

Mihai’s story with St-Hubert began as a happy coincidence. One of those moments that stays with you for some reason. So, in 2018 as he was trying to come back to Montreal, Mihai became stranded at the Toronto airport due to a snowstorm. A small group of St-Hubert employees near him were talking and giving off a positive vibe which was quite pleasant given the circumstances. He briefly got the feeling that one day, he would also be part of the team. 

A start in the midst of a pandemic

However, given the COVID-19 pandemic, he had to begin his functions remotely, away from his new colleagues. He nonetheless had the opportunity to have his talented predecessor, Nicole Buchanan, as a mentor to train him for a few months before her retirement. Despite the distance and new 2020 conditions, Mihai did a really good job as a buyer. He improved processes and even implemented new work methods to increase his team’s productivity. His recipe? Rigour mixed with creativity and organization, to which are added a good dose of communication and availability. A winning recipe!

A buyer who loves competition

Mihai is active, highly active! His competitive side likes to emerge in tennis, cycling, jogging, badminton, soccer, and volleyball, to name only a few! Amateur photographer for several years, he likes to capture life’s special moments. Mihai also pursues several personal and professional dreams that all have the same purpose: impact people’s lives positively.

Mihai and the Maple Leaf Cake’s Analogy

Mihai revealed his many facets when asked “Which St-Hubert meal represents you best?”.

“I would choose a dessert with several layers, like the maple leaf cookie cake. First, its presentation is neat. And to appreciate it, you need to spend time discovering the various layers of genoise, cake, and cookies. And several combinations are possible! In the crumble, there is a surprisingly crispy side and its subtle sweetness complements the taste.”

Bon appétit!